The Corruption of Higher Education

The University of Arizona has paid Noam Chomsky $750,000 over 3 years. to teach a class on politics, yet A full time engineering professor average pay is around $80,000.

This is another example of how corrupt Liberal Arts education has become at American universities. Chomsky’s linguistics theories are, for the most part, less than useful. (One incarnation of his theories was called Government and Binding) He actually used grants from the military industrial complex to build up his career, and he was in the right place at the right time. He has the halo in liberal arts academia, so he can get money that should go to the people who actually teach most of the classes, who are adjunct professors.

I know what I’m talking about because I have a Ph.D. in Linguistics from SUNY at Buffalo. My dissertation was a grammar of the Sherpa language. I have taught 140 college classes in my life as an adjunct professor. I was paid about $2,000 a class with no benefits.

It is ridiculous that he is being paid so much, but it’s what I would expect from my experiences.



Education in America.

I have taught at both the public school and university level in the United States. I have taught 140 college classes in my life, so I may know from personal experience what I am talking about.
At the public school level, teacher have to get certified, which sounds good. The problem is that the schools of education at US colleges are dominated by the thinking of John Dewey. There is no diversity in thinking among the liberal college professors who teach the courses. I did not even buy the books for the classes I took to get my certification. I merely wrote papers and took tests with the approach of thinking “what would a liberal education professor say is the correct answer.” There are some very good teachers in spite of this though, but they are restricted by state legislatures who pass silly laws that make no sense. When I was teaching in Kansas, 80% of the student were supposed to get a B or A grade. Strangely enough, I curved my grades so that happened.
There is actually plenty of money to fund public schools, but that is wasted by a plethora of administrative positions (which are paid better than teachers) to comply with state and federal laws. The NEA is part of the burden on public schools because they lobby to get the useless education laws passed and keep incompetent teachers from getting fired. Control of public schools needs to be returned to the local level.
At the university and college level in the area of liberal arts, the main problem is that a committee of 3 liberal professors chooses who gets the tenure track positions. That is why there are very few conservatives in tenure track positions. So again, there is a strong lack of diversity of thought among the ranks of the professors who are in control. And then they use the adjunct professors to teach the bulk of the classes, for a pittance in compensation. I talked to an Oklahoma University philosophy professor once who was getting $30,000 a class plus full benefits, while I was getting about $2,000 a class and no benefits. Tenure should be based on how much you teach, and not your political viewpoint. And adjuncts should get equal pay for equal work. And again, a plethora of useless state and federal laws cause there to be an excess of useless administrative positions that suck up most of the money.

An Artist in OKC, MC. Lafayette

Lafayette ou la renaissance d’une première passion (Lafayette or the rebirth of a first passion)

A 5 ans, MC. Lafayette découvre le dessin et les couleurs. Un anniversaire, des blocs de papier et des boites de crayon de couleurs et tous les loisirs passeront dans le dessin, la mise en scène, la mise en couleurs, … Des couleurs brillantes, joyeuses et des formes pleine de mouvements. (At 5 years old, MC. Lafayette discovered drawing and colors. A birthday of sheets of paper and boxes of colorful pencils and all the fun of drawing, perspective,and coloring … Brilliant and joyful colors with shapes full of movement.)

A l’école, pendant 6 ans, tous les grands prix de dessin lui seront attribues. Pourtant une année, il lui faut faire un choix : l’instituteur lui demande de choisir entre le prix de dessin et le prix de français ! Il faut un prix pour chaque élève. Il choisit le prix de dessin … au grand dam de ses parents! (At school, for six years, all the grand prizes of drawing were given to him. Yet a year, he must make a choice: the teacher asks him to choose between award for drawing or the award for French! There is an award for each student. He chose the drawing award … to the great displeasure of his parents!) Et la vie continue … (And life goes on …)

Quel bonheur : toutes ses couleurs, toutes ses formes sur une page qui n’est déjà plus blanche ! Et toujours le sourire aux lèvres quand il caresse la feuille qui va accueillir ses petites folies ! (What happiness: all the colors, all the forms on a page that is no longer white! And always the smile on his lips when he drew on the paper that held his silly little creations!)

Ses professeurs l’encouragent , le poussent, … lui parle d’une école de dessin ! Quoi ? Le dessin, ça s’apprend ! Et on peut en vivre ? Génial ! Refus catégorique des parents ! Ce n’est pas un métier ! Alors, la vie continue … mais il y aura moins de dessins, moins de couleurs ! (His teachers encouraged him, pushed him, … spoke to him of a school of drawing! What? Drawing is learned! And can we live? Awesome ! Categorical refusal of parents! It’s not a job! So life goes on … but there will be fewer drawings, fewer colors!)

Les études continuent et toutes les options d’arts visuels seront ses choix. Au fil du temps, il accumulera six années d’apprentissage d’art et trois années d’histoire de l’art, … mais les études classiques continuent, un job classique, une carrière … et le dessin et les couleurs qui refont surface de temps en temps … mais MC.Lafayette n’a pas le temps !  (The studies continue and all visual arts options will be his choices. Over time, he will accumulate six years of art learning and three years of art history … but everyday studies continued, an everyday job, a career … but there was still drawing and colors which he indulged in from time to time … but for the most part MC.Lafayette did not have time!)  Et la vie continue … (And life goes on …)

Les années passent … et puis un jour, l’horizon s’éclaircit : moins d’obligations, plus de temps libre, … et si on faisait revivre ce premier amour, cette première passion ? On ressort une grosse boite pleine de tout le matériel d’artiste visuel qui ne l’a jamais quitte. Les premières esquisses sont hésitantes. Mais le plaisir est toujours la … face a la surface blanche, le sourire revient ! (Years passed … and then one day, the horizon cleared up: less obligations, more free time … and if we revived this first love, this first passion? There is a large box full of all the visual artist’s material that never left him. The first sketches are hesitant. But the pleasure is always there … face to the white surface, the smile returns!)

Comme si une porte fermée trop longtemps venait de s’ouvrir. Les idée’s arrivent en flots continus. A cote des feuilles de Bristol, il y a des carnets de notes pour noter toutes les idées … et il y en a beaucoup ! (As if a closed door too long had just opened. Ideas arrive in continuous flows. Beside the leaves of Bristol, there are notebooks to note all the ideas … and there are many!)

The sketches, the drawings accumulate … the colors arrive. For MC.Lafayette everything must be in harmony. And many projects will end up in the trash. But when a project seems to be good, everything is implemented. With one slogan: the harmony of shapes and colors. (Les croquis, les dessins s’accumulent … les couleurs arrivent. Pour MC.Lafayette tout doit être en harmonie. Et beaucoup de projets finiront a la poubelle. Mais quand un projet semble être bon, tout est mis en oeuvre. Avec un seul mot d’ordre : l’harmonie des formes et des couleurs.)

Aujourd’hui, on pourrait définir l’art visuel de MC.Lafayette comme un croisement entre le fauvisme ( pour la couleur ), le cubisme ( pour la géométrie et la symétrie des formes ), le futurisme ( pour le mouvement) et le symbolisme ( pour les multitudes de messages caches dans ses peintures ) [Today, MC.Lafayette’s visual art could be defined as a cross between fauvism (for color), cubism (for geometry and symmetry of forms), futurism (for movement)And symbolism (for the multitude of messages hidden in his paintings)]

Et la vie continue … mais plus brillante !  [And life goes on … but more brilliant!]



Italian Village (The Sunset)

The first painting of the renaissance of passion.
Many trials in harmony of forms: this pretty Italian village left my imagination and my memory so delights me that I decide to make several versions (from noon to midnight)



Abstract Tribute

I always love abstract art and its precursors. Very quickly, after the Italian village, I designed an abstract project consisting of 15 panels that would be a tribute to the great masters of the abstract. This tribute tries to bring together the different formal harmonies in several movements through the parts of the ensemble. No lyrical abstraction.  For now, only the central part exists (the triptych) in illustration. These three panels come in 6 different colors.



The Dreams of Horta

Out of my childhood memories: Victor Horta. Famous Belgian architect, co-founder of the art nouveau, which had its hour of glory at the beginning of the 20th century. He had imagined the soft shapes of a new architecture, but also the interior decoration of the houses whose plans he drew. Horta was the first to consider architecture as a global art. Unfortunately, because of a wild urbanization in Paris and Brussels, most of his works were destroyed. So I imagined the interior of a house in which he would have liked to live. The overall project will be 3 panels. Two have been completed.
Another similar project will soon emerge: this painting will encompass all the trends of the new art.



A Sunset

I applied for several weeks on the first 3 projects. My wife asks me if I would be able to make a beautiful picture … quickly. Here is the result: an imaginary sunset. Success is also there.



Fire in the Ocean

This painting comes directly from the painting: “A Sunset”.
After painting the reflection of the sun in the water, I imagine the fire in the water! A submarine volcano (yes, that exists) giving to the sea all the colors of the blue to the red. Waves and colors in harmony.
But perhaps the whole story is invented and the painting is just another abstract painting.



Golden Brown

After some simple paintings, I approach a new ambitious big project: “Golden Brown” (a polyptic 4). “Golden Brown” will be a celebration of the sun and gold. The central part is the sun one quarter of which is on each panel. Then each painting evolves independently, but remaining in harmony (shapes and colors) with the rest of the painting. Total work: 200 hours!



Van Gogh Night in Paris

The project is ambitious and is far from over! It is an immense fresco on Paris which will contain in the end about twenty different panels. This first diptych represents Notre Dame de Paris seen from the Seine.



Three women (Welcome)

In the revival of my first passion, I had not yet performed figurative painting. So this is the first test. This painting was very well received. The three panels of “Three Women” were finished with gold and silver paint. (Just like the reproductions)

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Chapter 5 Attack on the Mansion

Chapter 5
Attack on the Mansion

Even though Adam knew that it could be a while until he saw Talissa again, he had a new confidence in himself and found that he was somehow calm in spite of his strong desire to see her everyday. He fantasized about her a lot, but he knew from talking to Fred and Erik that he had a strong crush on her, and the only way to deal with it was to find other things to focus on, and fortunately he had his work and his hobbies. He had written down what he had thought he had heard Talissa say on the phone in the car, but all he could recall was some sequences of sounds. He was going to ask her about the her about the language again when he saw her next, and he hoped it would be soon.

A few days after the date, Adam was working in the mansion’s front yard, when he heard a motor buzzing above his head. He looked up and saw a spherical object with a spinning rotor blade on top hovering above the mansion grounds. Then he noticed that there were several of them. They seemed to waver in his vision like the sight of a distant object on a very hot day. He was momentarily fascinated by the sight of these objects and wondered what they were.

Suddenly, three large pod like objects swept down from the sky and landed in front of the mansion scraping into the turf. The pods opened quickly at the top, and strange creatures emerged onto the lawn in front of the mansion. The creatures moved like cats but were semi-insectoid in appearance. They had four tube-like legs with three joints from the lower torso, and 4 tube-like arms from the upper thorax. The creatures had a head on a long neck that merged into a vertical thorax which narrowed into an equally long vertical abdominal torso. The skin of the creatures was multicolored semi-circular to rectangular plates of about one to three inches that merged into the adjacent plates. The color of the plates were mainly red and yellow on the upper body and were more blue and green on the lower torso.
Adam saw that each one was carrying a silver tube of about 3 feet long held in their four hands. These proved to be some type of energy weapon. The front ends, which were pointed towards the mansion, wavered slightly with a soft popping sound. There was no visible light but flaming holes exploded in the mansion wall where they were pointed. Several holes about 5 feet in diameter were inflicted within a few seconds. Adam stood motionless watching the spectacle unfold before him. His heart was pounding, yet he did not feel fear. He was transfixed with fascination for he had always been interested in military history and science fiction. And now something especially unique was occurring right in front of him. He was detached and numb to reality as he watch the scene occurring before him.

Two figures, whom Adam recognized as Prospère and his son, quickly appeared in different windows on the second floor of the mansion and let off four fast single shots from some type of projectile weapon. The bodies of the three creatures exploded into body parts and a sticky red ooze that peppered the lawn around them. A claw-like hand with four fingers and two thumbs flew right past Adam’s face. When this happened, Adam suddenly came back to reality. This really just happened, he thought. Then he felt fear, not for himself but for Talissa. He began running for the mansion’s front door when heard a loud rumble from behind the mansion and saw a large bright light of rainbow colors shoot into the sky and disappear in seconds.

Adam ran up the stair to the front door. He pulled on the handle and it was open. He ran into the foyer and yelled Talissa’s name. Silence answered him back. He had never been beyond the front living room area before, but he was frantic about Talissa. Upstairs in one of the bedrooms, he found Talissa’s cell phone lying on the floor by the bed. He picked it up and put it in his pocket, and kept looking through the other rooms. He found another cell-phone like Talissa’s but bigger and of a different color. He put that one in his other pocket. May he could figure out what had happen and where they had gone from information on the cell phones.

Adam continued wondering through the mansion. Everything was silent inside. He wondered onto the back second floor patio and noticed the gazebo area on the lawn below it was missing. There was only fresh wet dirt there in a large circular pattern. He was having a difficult time processing in his mind the event that he had just experienced. “No matter,” he thought to himself, “I’ll figure it out later.” And he then decided to explore the abandoned mansion further.

Most of the mansion was well kept rooms and living areas. There was a kitchen, a gym with all kinds of equipment, and a library with books written in scripts that he did not recognize. What did this all mean? Strangely enough, he thought about having to get a new job, which made him feel sad since this was by far the best job he had ever had. Then the feelings of sadness extended to thoughts about Talissa. What had happened to her and her family? Who were they really? And where did they just go? Would he ever see her again? As the swirling confusion of thoughts tumbled through his mind, he came across an open door with stairs leading downwards.

He walked down the stairs into a basement area. There was a large room with archways leading to other rooms and hallways with more rooms. There were no window but soft light radiated from the ceiling in each area that he entered, though he could see no fixtures indicating the source of the light. The walls were all made out of what seemed to be perfectly cut and symmetrical bricks made of some kind of dense stone. There was one room that he recognized as an armory. There was pistol and rifle like equipment on shelves and along the walls. He picked up a pistol that he suspected was some type of energy weapon since it had no visible place for inserting projectiles. He kept it in his hand as security against the unknown as he continued to roam as a stranger through this strange land.

The were several rooms that contained mechanical devices that he suspected were robots, thought nothing he saw looked humanoid. “Do androids dream with electric sleep?” he though to himself as he looked around at some of the robots. Then he heard a clip-clap walking sound out in the hallway. He carefully glanced out and even put his finger on the trigger of the weapon he was holding just in case. There were four spherical robots with articulating limbs extending symmetrically from the bodies moving down the hallway. Adam moved back into the room and, his body shaking, aimed his weapon at the doorway until he heard the robots had passed. Then there was total silence again.
Adam explored further into the basement until he came to a room with about one inch long rectangular ingots of metal neatly arranged on shelves and tables. He saw that they were golden and silver in color, and he was pretty sure that the golden ones were indeed gold. He found a carrying case and put as many of the gold ingots and a few of the silver ones as he could carry into the case to take with him. Who needs a job when you’ve got a room full of gold and precious metals? He didn’t feel like a thief since he knew deep down that Prospère and his family were not coming back and he had just been through a very unique experience. So he knew that it was time to look out for himself until he could figure out what was going on.

He intended to come back, but for now he needed to talk to Fred and Erik, so he made his way back to the front door of the mansion. The door was still open and he could hear some sounds out in the front of the mansion. He glanced out and saw that the robots he had seen walking through the basement hallway were repairing the damage that the aliens had done. He moved back inside the mansion and found a side door to get outside. He walked back to his car tensely, holding the pistol ready in his hand. Then he got in his car a left the mansion grounds with the booty he had discovered.

Loving Ourselves




One of the main reasons that we have difficulty loving ourselves is because we keep comparing ourselves to an illusory perfection which we think that we see in other people. An illusory perfection which is subconsciously imposed in our mind by our culture and social groups. I once had a student who was about 6’4” tall. He had blond hair and blue eyes, and looked like a model. He attended school full-time with an A average, plus he worked and made about $10,000 a month. There is no way that I would be able to try hard enough to be like him. He was not taller than me, better looking than me, smarter than me, and more energetic than me, because he tried harder. He was born that way, and his environment made him that way. It was as easy for him to do what he did, just as it is easy for most people to sit around, read a book or watch a movie, and socialize with their friends. If we keep kicking ourselves for not being perfect, then we’re going to hurt where we kick ourselves, but it’s not going to make us any more “perfect.” So remember that you are already spiritually whole, complete, and perfect. May you be blessed.


The Components of Humor


There are easily delineated components of humor that are relevant to making a joke and making people laugh. I’ve taught 140 college classes in the areas of Linguistics, English Composition for both American and international students, as well as Medical Terminology. Many students have commented to me about how I can make such seemingly dry subjects funny and interesting. When I was a graduate student at SUNY at Buffalo, the Linguistics Department gave me a class to teach every semester including the summer semesters for 6 years, and many of the classes were in lecture halls with over 100 students. This was because they were getting half their undergraduate majors from my classes. And this was because of the continual playful humor that I insert into a given subject for the moment. While there may be a formula that can be observed, the humorous behavior is determined and directed by the subconscious mind. It is context dependent and cannot be determined by a conscious attempt to be funny. When I was at KU one summer, I lived in the dorm. For dinner, about 20 other residents would sit at my table because I was so funny. Once another person tried to be funny, but no one was laughing because the delivery was wrong.


If you were to tell me, “Be funny!” I might say something like, “I can’t because God didn’t give me your face,” but it would not be funny unless the energy was right. If Eeyore, Piglet, or Winnie the Pooh tried to deliver such a line, it would never be funny because their energy would not be correct to cause feelings of humor, but if Tigger said it, it would be funny.


What is funny is not determined by the words alone, but by the feelings of humor that are evoked. And such feelings are subtly conjured by a combination of voice intonation, timing, facial expression and body articulation which accompany the words. All of these elements, in addition to context, are essential for the successful delivery of a humorous comment. If a comment or word does not feel funny, if you don’t feel it first, then it’s not going to be funny, no matter what words you use.


Why Women are Smarter than Men



Women are smarter than men. And I can prove it. It all has to do with the way that women’s brains are wired when compared to men’s brains. There are three main factors that we need to look at when examining this issue, which are brain cells (neurons), the connections between brain cells (synapses), and the corpus callosum, which is the connection between the two sides of the brain.

It is estimated that the human brain has about 100 billion neurons and 100 trillion synapses. This makes your brain a very powerful computer. But the difference between men and women is in the intricacy of how women’s brains are wired as compared to men’s brains. Men’s brain mainly have connections between brain cells that are right next to each other. So the connections go only between the closest brain cells. This accounts for the fact that men tend to be more straight line thinkers. Women’s brains, on the other hand, have connections to the closest brain cells just like men, but in addition their brain cells also connect up randomly with brain cells that are not right next to each other. So in terms of complexity, women’s brain’s have two levels of connections (close & far) whereas men’s brains only have one (close). This means that women are much better at processing the information that their brains receive and having a more complex evaluation of the information. This is one factor that makes women smarter than men.

The other factor has to do with communication between the two sides of the brain, the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. The left hemisphere is the logical or reasoning side of the brain. The right hemisphere is the emotional side of the brain. The connection between the emotional and logical side of a woman’s brain, the corpus callosum, has twice as many connecting pathways as a man’s. This is why women are so much more in touch with their emotions and able to talk about their feelings in a more expressive way.

So, ladies, the next time your feel upset or frustrated with a male because of how he acts or because he doesn’t get it, cut him some slack and remember that his brain just isn’t as powerful as yours.