How an average looking woman can easily meet men.


You can start off by realizing that you’re average because you think that you’re average. I’ve known plenty of females who were average in looks and exceptional in attractiveness. I’ve taught 140 college classes in my life, so I’ve encountered lots of examples.
The first thing that you need to do is get in shapes. Healthy females are attractive females. Your energy will be higher and this will project out to those around you. Joining a gym is a good idea because you can meet a lot of different people there, some of whom will be men, and some will be women who know other men. Change your diet so that keeping weigh off is not a problem, and you are eating healthy food.
Dress nicely, without being overly sexy, and at the same time make sure to do your makeup exquisitely. Not too much, not too little, but baby bear which means just right.
Find social activities to get involved with. Meetups, clubs, bars, and church groups are some of the places that you can meet new people depending what fits your personality. You can also take a class from the local college, or learn a martial art, or take a yoga or art class. There are plenty of possibilities to explore.
With the internet, you can find out about all kinds of way to address the issues of getting in shape, doing your makeup. getting healthy, and being social.
You can simply and easily become more than “average”, but it’s up to you totally and sincerely start doing it now.


Easy ways to be a good-looking and attractive guy.

Let me start off by saying that some guy are more physically attractive from birth, but you can always improve what you were born with.
The first thing is to get in shape. Join a gym, walk, run, and do other exercise routines. Change your diet to one that works for you. There’s a lot out there from vegetarian to paleo. You’ll effortlessly lose or gain weigh with a diet that is right for your body.
Next you need to project confidence. Martial arts, qi gong, and yoga can help you with this.
You also need to take a hint from peacocks and package yourself well with nice clothes, good shoes, clean fingernails, and well-groomed hair.You also need to have good conversational skills. There are a myriad of video out there on this subject.There are other things like musical ability and having lots of money that add to the attraction equation.

Figure out what you have and what can do, and then do it.

What is a perfect 10?


From the male perspective, it is a semi-subjective perception of how beautiful a woman is.
A 10 is a woman who has a face and body that project symmetry and balance. Beyond that there are individual factor like eye color and hair color. I personally like flaming red hair and green eyes for the heights of perfection. That has a bit to do with a former girlfriend named Jana who had these qualities. The classical 10 has blond hair and blue eyes but ultimately that doesn’t really matter. One of the most beautiful 10s I ever saw was a student in one of my classes. She was half Filipino and half white American. She had black hair, light brown skin, and very dark pupils which was enhanced by her facial and body symmetry.
Beyond the physical appeal, personality and intelligence are also important. A woman who is negative or controlling is not appealing. I know a blond woman who is very appealing physically but I would not want to be connected with her. She says things to try and put me down. She fails at that, but she’s also not the brightest bulb. Her macho looking boyfriend is a flat-earther, so she tries to defend that belief. On the other had, I know a woman who got her B.A. in the Classics. She can read both Latin and Greek, and is very knowledgeable. That runs up her score because she can keep me transfixed in a conversation, and she understands what I am talking about when I mention Eratosthenes and Posidonius.
So a perfect 10 does start off with the physical appeal, but the score needs more in terms of intellect and personality to make the score after the first impression.
Each male has his preferences. My preferences are very eclectic.

Zappa and SJWs

“How do you think SJW would deal with Frank Zappa in his prime?“

They would respond with their usual Toxic Political Correctness.

“How do you think Frank would respond?”

And there she sat on the edge of her bed
Screaming like a baby with her face gone red
She quivered and quaked and clutch on herself
She wanted youse to vote for the Evil Elf.
Get down with the florid
make it all more horrid.

He walked down the street with his black hood on
lookin’ for a simp to beat his flag pole on…

Welcome to progressiveville
A safe space to use your crayons in…

The Novel ‘Twilight’ Just Ain’t Right.

One of the worst novels that made a fortune is Twilight. Every bit of the novel stands out as awful and not just one line. I was teaching a linguistics class to a bunch of mainly female English majors when I first encountered the fascination with this novel. The English majors would often comment about how poor the writing was and yet they were fascinated by the story. Huh. It’s a novel about a “vampire”, Edward, who has ice-cold skin and sneaks into the Bella’s room at night to watch her sleep because he never does sleep. (I asked my students if it was creepy if a man snuck into your room to watch you sleep, and half if them said it was not if he was hot.) He is a “vegetarian” vampire because he rips the heads off chickens and drinks their blood instead of killing human victims and drinking their blood like so many of his fellow vampires. The vampires in the novel are different from what one would suspect since sunlight doesn’t kill them but only makes their skin sparkle, so they live in cloudy areas like Forks, WA so people won’t notice. Yea, right.
The female character of the story is a woman with issues. She obsesses on Edward for page after page. I finally realized that my students liked the novel because they could vicariously experience the emotion swings of a seriously disturbed female without having to go there in real life. Romance with many dark twists. I mean, does the word necrophilia come to mind when you want to make love to an ice-cold body?
And guess what? The Quileute Indians are not at all like what she wrote. I lived for two years on the Makah Indian Reservation, which is about 15 mile north of Forks. I substitute taught at the public school there, and one of my students, Daquil, was a Quileute. He never did turn into a wolf, though he did invite me to smoke marijuana on the beach with him after class. And I never did see people with sparkling skin while the sun was out when I was shopping in Forks.
The entire Twilight saga is indeed awful for more than the reasons listed above. But still, there’s no accounting for taste, on lack of it.

The Corruption of Higher Education

The University of Arizona has paid Noam Chomsky $750,000 over 3 years. to teach a class on politics, yet A full time engineering professor average pay is around $80,000.

This is another example of how corrupt Liberal Arts education has become at American universities. Chomsky’s linguistics theories are, for the most part, less than useful. (One incarnation of his theories was called Government and Binding) He actually used grants from the military industrial complex to build up his career, and he was in the right place at the right time. He has the halo in liberal arts academia, so he can get money that should go to the people who actually teach most of the classes, who are adjunct professors.

I know what I’m talking about because I have a Ph.D. in Linguistics from SUNY at Buffalo. My dissertation was a grammar of the Sherpa language. I have taught 140 college classes in my life as an adjunct professor. I was paid about $2,000 a class with no benefits.

It is ridiculous that he is being paid so much, but it’s what I would expect from my experiences.


Education in America.

I have taught at both the public school and university level in the United States. I have taught 140 college classes in my life, so I may know from personal experience what I am talking about.
At the public school level, teacher have to get certified, which sounds good. The problem is that the schools of education at US colleges are dominated by the thinking of John Dewey. There is no diversity in thinking among the liberal college professors who teach the courses. I did not even buy the books for the classes I took to get my certification. I merely wrote papers and took tests with the approach of thinking “what would a liberal education professor say is the correct answer.” There are some very good teachers in spite of this though, but they are restricted by state legislatures who pass silly laws that make no sense. When I was teaching in Kansas, 80% of the student were supposed to get a B or A grade. Strangely enough, I curved my grades so that happened.
There is actually plenty of money to fund public schools, but that is wasted by a plethora of administrative positions (which are paid better than teachers) to comply with state and federal laws. The NEA is part of the burden on public schools because they lobby to get the useless education laws passed and keep incompetent teachers from getting fired. Control of public schools needs to be returned to the local level.
At the university and college level in the area of liberal arts, the main problem is that a committee of 3 liberal professors chooses who gets the tenure track positions. That is why there are very few conservatives in tenure track positions. So again, there is a strong lack of diversity of thought among the ranks of the professors who are in control. And then they use the adjunct professors to teach the bulk of the classes, for a pittance in compensation. I talked to an Oklahoma University philosophy professor once who was getting $30,000 a class plus full benefits, while I was getting about $2,000 a class and no benefits. Tenure should be based on how much you teach, and not your political viewpoint. And adjuncts should get equal pay for equal work. And again, a plethora of useless state and federal laws cause there to be an excess of useless administrative positions that suck up most of the money.